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Sandro Vanini uses traditional processing methods. After being selected the fruits are washed and carefully steamed. Sandro Vanini’s experienced candying masters treat the fruits for several days with various types of sugar syrup. The process replaces the water in the fruit with the sugar solution.

Specialità alla frutta

The Romans originally brought chestnuts to Switzerland where they were a staple for the locals during centuries. Today chestnuts are regarded as healthy low fat-food and are now an element of modern, balanced nutrition, bringing a rather rustic touch to everyday's cooking.

Prodotti alle

Grated orange and lemon peel from Sandro Vanini taste just like fresh fruits. The gentle processing combined with very high fruit contents creates a distinctive flavour. Fresh fruits can be preserved by candying, which retains the fruit's natural flavour and intensifies the aromatic taste. Sandro Vanini offers an extensive range of candied fruits.

Ingredienti per pasticceria

The sweet and spicy Mostarda Purées from Sandro Vanini are available in several varieties: selected top quality fruits like for example figs, pears, oranges, pineapples are candied, puréed and mixed with selected ingredients. That's how we create the unique taste of our Mostarda Purées.


Mostarda di Frutta, also known as "fruit Mostarda", has its culinary origins in Lombardy, a neighbouring region to the canton Ticino, where they have been enriching the tables at the courts of princes and popes since Renaissance times. The sophisticated mix of fresh fruit and spicy mustard oil comes into its own in this traditional recipe.

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